Thyroid / Adrenal Support 2oz

//Thyroid / Adrenal Support 2oz

Thyroid / Adrenal Support 2oz


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Product Description

This product is designed to support normal thyroid and adrenal function, which supports a healthy immune system.

Ingredients: L Tyrosine 250mg per 1 scoop 1/4 tsp.

Servings per container: 150

You probably know someone with an  underactive thyroid gland; in fact, you may have one yourself. The signs of  hypothyroidism in humans include a subnormal body temperature, cold hands and  feet, weight gain, hair loss, and constant fatigue. People aren’t the only ones  afflicted by this disorder, for many dogs are hypothyroid, too. They may seem  lethargic, gain weight while eating normal or below-normal amounts of food,  seek warmth, and develop skin and coat conditions. But hypothyroidism causes  other symptoms, too, and an accurate diagnosis can require thinking outside the  box.

Consider  Logan, a highly trained search and rescue dog who, at age three, became so  fearful that he could no longer work and was going to be retired. Brodie, an  agility dog, had normal thyroid test results but was slow in competition and  had constant ear infections. Brewser, an Alaskan Malamute, became aggressive  and lost his appetite. Ruq, a Eurasier at a perfect weight, became short-tempered,  lethargic, and developed entropion, a condition in which her eyelids rolled  inward, requiring surgery to correct.

The  veterinarians who treated these dogs insisted they could not be hypothyroid  because their test results were “normal,” they were not overweight, or they had  beautiful coats. But the vets were mistaken, and treating their underactive  thyroids returned these dogs to health.


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