Your dog’s liver health is essential. From digestion to removing waste from the body, the liver is a fundamental part of every animal’s vital health. When the liver is compromised it can not only negatively impact the digestive system, but lead to a buildup of toxins in your dog’s body.
The liver detects dangerous foreign substances in your dog’s gut, making it a line of defense for the immune system. The liver captures and clears out bacteria and other microbes that can threaten your dog’s health. The liver metabolizes medications and helps regulate hormones.
Supporting your dog’s liver can go a long way in contributing to a long and healthy life. Liver disease (including cirrhosis) is one of the most common health problems in older canines. It can damage all functions of the dog’s liver, with very harmful health effects. Even dogs without liver disease may need support to metabolize prescription medications and environmental chemicals which are often damaging to the liver. Liver Detox is a safe and natural way to clean your pet’s liver.